This livestream has ended

This livestream has ended.

Ray McMullen 

Enjoyed a quality match thank you...and very well done Ellan Vannin on a great team performance and result. Looking forward to tomorrow, cheers

Sonny Magnè 

Doesn't work

David Perry 

Well done Ellan Vannin, now get the job dons tomorrow

nick bass 

finish brother

Matt Blenford 

get the big guns on

nick bass 

look much better than all them teams in the county cup

Ray McMullen 

watching on iPhone as don't appear to be able to on PC (yet!?)...

mara casti 

me too

Matt Blenford 

anyone else's not working?

mara casti 

sorry guys any way to see padania's match??

David Dixon 

Good luck x ⚽️⚽️⚽️

mara casti 

ma come faccio a vedere la padania di stasera??

Ray McMullen 

All the very best for tonight to Ellan Vannin & Felvidek...but especially Ellan Vannin! ;-) Should be a great game, really pleased to be able to watch from home in the Isle of Man :-)

Gill Whitley 

Good luck for tonight Ellan Vannin xx

Admin Per-Anders Blind 

But congratulation to the fans of Ellan Vannin and Felvidek

Admin Per-Anders Blind 

Due to miss in communication between the TV channel and CONIFA there has been a misstake in information given to you. Tonight LIVE match is ELLAN VANNIN vs FELVIDEK LE. Sorry for the inconvenience

Stephen Kane 

can you tell me how to find the ellan vannin match tonight

Leonid Agrba 

Can I watch today's match between the national team of Abkhazia and Karpatalja?

Grisela Pllumbaj 

a che ora inizia la partita della padnia